Elementary Programs


The HFHC offers full day programming for students that link directly up to the Science and Technology curriculum with cross-curricular connections to Literacy and Health & Phys.Ed.

Throughout the day students will partake in a variety of hands-on activities, games and discussions that link up to specific expectations.

  • Students are to arrive at 10am and depart at 2pm

  • They are asked to bring their own nut-free, litterless lunch and snacks

  • Students are also asked to come dressed for the weather as some of our activities take place outside! 

JK and SK : Science and Technology

Let’s discover! Students will learn about patterns and changes in the natural world around us as our active, hands-on and inquiry-based programs foster the sense of curiosity and wonder in young students.

Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Students will explore the basic needs of plants, animals and humans. Through a variety of hands-on activities, games and stories, students will investigate what makes a healthy habitat and learn why it is important to keep our environment clean.

Grade 2: Growth & Changes in Animals

What makes each animal unique? How do animals grow and change over time? Why do some birds migrate? Students will explore these questions, and many more, through an action-packed day of outdoor games, activities and stories that give students the chance to take on the role of wild animals.

Grade 3: Growth & Changes in Plants

From seed to flower, plants are fascinating! Students will discover how plants and wildlife depend on each other through a variety of experiential activities, games and stories.

Grade 4: Habitats & Communities

Home sweet home! Through a variety of hands-on activities, games and stories, students will explore the many habitats and communities across Canada while learning about the importance of a healthy habitat.

Grade 5: Discover the Heritage Centre

Wood ducks, moose and turkeys, oh my! Call and book a personalized tour where students can discover animals that live in their own backyard. Students will also have a chance to see up close and personal, native fish from the Kawartha Lakes in our giant warmwater aquarium and experience our state-of-the-art, high definition amphitheatre.

Grade 6: Biodiversity

Invasive species are considered by many experts to be one of the greatest threats to Ontario’s biodiversity. Lessons and activities will encourage students to discover the impact of invasive species on our local waterways and forests with a focus on ways to help stop the spread.

Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment

Ecosystems are in a constant state of change. Students will have the chance to discover just how humans play a role in these changes through a variety of hands-on investigations.

Grade 8: Water Systems

Whether it’s a pond, a lake or a river, students will discover how their favourite fishing spot is part of a much larger water system. Students will investigate the importance of water through a variety of activities and games that will get them thinking about what they are drinking!