Meet the Team

Meribeth Burley B.Sc., OCT – Conservation Education Coordinator

Meribeth holds a Fish and Wildlife Technology diploma from Fleming College along with a Biology degree from Trent University and a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University. Her fascination of the great outdoors started long ago with family canoe trips and camping adventures. She enjoys hiking, fishing and turkey hunting along with spending time outside with her two young daughters. Meribeth has worked in the environmental education field both in Alberta and Ontario and strongly believes that those who experience nature first hand are more likely to conserve it.









Jordan McArthur H.B.Sc. (Bio.), Dipl.T. – Conservation Education Liaison

Jordan is a recent graduate of the Fish and Wildlife Technology program at Sir Sandford Fleming College and the Honours Biology program at Trent University. Having grown up in a family of avid hunters and anglers, her love and passion for the outdoors was instilled at a very young age. She has a special fondness of fish and aquatic science and has had the opportunity to work in fisheries research as a student. Jordan loves hiking, archery, baseball and going on outdoor adventures with her dog, Oakley. She believes that every person should have the opportunity to experience what nature has to offer and that protecting our natural resources now will allow them to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Jacey Moore – Conservation Team Member

Jacey is a student enrolled in a Joint Degree/ Diploma B.Sc in Ecological Restoration. She attended two years at Fleming College Frost Campus, where she completed her diploma and is now attending Trent University to complete her degree. Jacey loves to hike, camp, swim and play sports and especially loves to spend time with her dog, Sadie. She has been an avid angler since she was very young. She has experience working with youth and adults alike in a variety of settings, including camp. Jacey has been educating others about nature her whole life, and she believes that if everyone does a little bit to help the environment it will keep our planet healthy and happy forever.




Paula Sulston – Conservation Team Member

Paula is a Graduate of the Tourism and Leisure Program at George Brown College. She hopes to one day work within sustainable tourism and to promote the Canadian outdoors. Spending time with her fat black cat Cecil, canoeing, camping and fishing have always been things she enjoys. She wants to make sure the generations to come can have not only knowledge but a passion for wildlife and the great outdoor like she does.  Paula believes that environmental conservation is one of the most important challenges facing or world today but if we all care a little more we can keep our home as beautiful as it ought to be.




Sarah Snetsinger – Conservation Team Member

Sarah is a recent graduate with a BScH in Environmental Science from Queen’s University. Growing up one of three daughters to an avid hunter and angler, she was exposed to all types of outdoors activities from an early age, and has carried this interest into the present, enjoying hunting, fishing, and camping. In university, Sarah focussed on water and the importance of good water quality to support populations of fish, other organisms, and healthy watersheds. Sarah likes to share her passion for the outdoors with youth in the hopes that promoting interest in the environment in younger generations will result in greater protection of fish, wildlife, and their habitat in the future.





Katrina Faouaz- Youth Program Assistant

Kat began fishing, hiking and camping from a young age and got into hunting in her teens. She has always had a love for the outdoors and great respect for fish and wildlife habitat. Kat began her education studying archaeology and it wasn’t until she sat in on an environmental science lecture one day, that she realized she had a way to link her passion for conservation with a career path. Kat has recently graduated from the Fish and Wildlife Technician program at Fleming College and will be attending Trent University in September for Environmental & Resource Science.